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Jestin Lamar's Haute Heads

Below you will find several before and after shots of different colour, cut and styling techniques. Tigi Bed Head Make-up was used on thel models and all applications were performed by Pamela, Andrea or Joe.

Before     After
On Amber, Pamela used Zipper Lights on the top layer and Tri-Lows on the bottom layer of her hair.  Using i-color Plum and a Light Brown/Light Golden Brown/Red Wine combination, she was able to totally update Amber’s look.  Pamela gave her point cut layers with slide cut razor texturizing to give her hair body and movement.  Using Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Spray, Big Shine and Classic Hairspray to style her hair, Amber’s new look was complete.

Before     After
On Kelly, Andria combined the Shadow Box and Back to Backs techniques for striking depth and dimension.  In addition, the combination created a solid division of colour from her roots to her ends by using both highlights and lowlights.  Andria started with a low grade bleach and then combined Redken Shades EQ - St. Tropez , Butterscotch  and Saffron for Kelly’s amazing new colour.  She finished with a Butter Cream colour flash.  Kelly’s new cut consists of blunt layers for added drama and movement and elliptical bangs to frame and accentuate her face.  To style, Andria applied Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Spray and Does It All and finished by blowing dry with a large round brush and using a flat iron.

Before     After
To create Leah’s dramatic new look, Andria chose to use the Back to Back technique to create dimension and depth.  In addition, she used Tri-Lights to give her the perfect amount of peek-a-boo colour.  Andria started with low grade and medium grade bleach with a Colour Flash using Redken Shades EQ Amber Glaze, Fiery Citron and Sangria.  She gave Leah long layers for plenty of movement followed by a 2 tiered face frame and finally an assymetrical bang.  To style, Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Spray and Grooming Cream were applied and her hair was blown dry and held in place with Extra Strength Hairspray.

Before     After
To achieve Emily’s look, Joe gave her all over colour with Tri- Lights to add depth and texture.  To start, he used a medium lift bleach and then followed up with Redken Shades EQ in Caramel and Redken Color Gels in Safari.  To show off her new colour, Joe gave her a blunt bob with chopped layers.  Finally, to finish Emily’s new look, used Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Spray, Big Shine and Holding Spray and straightened her hair with a flat iron.

Before     After
Pamela chose to use Subtle Weave Lights on Christopher to achieve his look.  She used both i-color Lightest Golden Blonde and Light Copper Bolden Blonde and cut blunt layers to finish.  Finishing with Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Spray and Brilliantine, Pamela gave Christopher a sophisticated new look.

Before     After
To achieve Karen’s look, Jestin used the Shadow Box technique on her top layer to create a solid division of colour and Tri-Lows on the underneath top layer for added depth.  He used a high lift bleach treatment along with i-color Medium Blonde / Dark Gold Blonde colour.  He then finished with a Colour Flash treatment of Irish Cream and Vanilla Cream.  Jestin gave Karen blunt layers to add drama and to style this cut, he used Bumble and bumble’s Tonic Lotion, Holding Spray, Big Shine and Does It All before setting with a curling iron.

Before     After
Joe chose to enhance Kate’s beautiful blonde hair with an all over colour using i-color’s Light Ash Blonde combined with Redkens Clear Shine.  He then added point cut layers for lots of movement when she wears her down.  To style the dramatic up-do, Joe used Bumble and bumble’s Styling Lotion, Holding Spray, Big Shine and Does It All Hairspray with some teasing at the crown for volume.  He then added two separate French Twists on the top and bottom.  He finished using a curling iron and held the style in place with Bumble and bumble Shine Classic Hairspray.

Before     After
To achieve Roxanne’s look, Barbara gave her the Back to Back package using 3 colours.  First she gave her a high lift bleach treatment and used i-color Lightest Ash Blonde.  Next, equal parts of Golden Apricot & Vanilla Cream Redken gels were used and finally, a colour flash of Vanilla Cream.  Barbara cut slide layers for movement and dimension and applied Bumble and bumble Does It All, Tonic and Big Shine before setting her hair with a curling iron.

Before     After
On Gibi, Jestin used Zipper Lights on the top layer of her hair to create drama and then Tri-Lows on the bottom layer for depth.  He used a low grade bleach with Chocolate Raspberry and finally a Colour Flash with equal parts Chestnut & Moss.  Jestin cut slide layers with assymetrical bangs before setting Gibi’s hair with a curling iron.  He used styling crème mixed with grooming crème for control and finally styling wax layered with holding spray to keep the style in place.

Before     After
On Jessica, Beth used the fashion forward Tri-Lows and Tri-Lights technique to add tremendous depth and texture.  Beth started by using i-color’s Very Light Golden Copper Blonde and Medium Golden Blonde and then gave her chunked layers to complement her new colors and features.  To style, Beth applied Bumble and bumble’s Medium to Thick Curl Cream, Straight, and Grooming Cream before blowing dry and styling with a curling iron.  She finished with the Classic Hairspray to hold the style in place.

Before     After
To start Jacob’s transformation, Beth used 2 all over colours coupled with Tri-Lights to create texture and depth on this bold and funky look.  She used a lo-lift bleach to begin and followed up with i-color medium brown/medium blonde and black.  The chunky textured layers that she cut along with the asymmetrical bang complete Jacob’s new look.  To style, Beth used Sumo Tech and Bumble and bumble’s Straight.

Before     After
On Michelle, Pierce chose the Tri-Lights technique plus 3 all over colours to give her just the right amount of peek-a-boo colour.  To start, he used a very low grade bleach and Redken Shades EQ Amber Glaze, Spicestone and Blush.  To complement Michelle’s new colour, Pierce cut a bevel layered bob along with a disconnected bang for just the right amount of movement.  He styled her hair with Bumble and bumble’s Styling Lotion all over and Surf on top.  Then blew it dry using a large round brush.  To finish, he applied Brilliantine throughout to clump a little and then Big Shine.

Before     After
Pierce started out with the Slices and Shadowbox techniques on the top layers of Shelby’s hair to create a solid division of color.  To complement these techniques, he then used Tri-Lows on the bottom of her hair to add the perfect amount of depth and texture.  He chose i-color Medium Blonde / Dark Ash Blonde plus a low grade beach and added a colour flash of Irish Cream and Ivy.  Next, he gave her long layers to give her hair just the right amount of movement adding dash line texturizing underneath to de-bulk and give her a sleek, smooth look.  To style, Pierce used Bumble and bumble’s Prep allover and then applied Straight and Defrizz mixed together.  He blew it dry with a round brush and then applied Shine and Brilliantine for Shelby’s final sophisticated look.

For Brittany’s Media Shot, Jestin used 25 feet each of Black and Hot Pink Netting.
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